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We’re Hiring! Check Out Our New Part Time Job Application!

Hello all,

now hiringI just want to take a moment to thank you for your continued support of our educational efforts here at Yearst and Young!

We’re pleased to report that June and July were both record months for us, which is spectacular considering the summer is traditionally the slowest time of year!

We’ve already received a ton of new orders for the upcoming school year, and because of increased demand for our catalog and top-recommended book lists, we’ve decided to bring on a new part time job in Atlanta, Georgia, to help us with book evaluation and selection for inclusion!

You can read more details about this position at, and we’ve also posted a full position summary on the Atlanta Craigslist page.

Job Role and Position Summary

Thank you for your interest in Yearst and Young book and educational media suppliers. We are currently hiring for an entry level part time position to be located at our Atlanta, GA office.

The successful candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree from a 4 year institution, with a preferred major in Education, English, Literature, History, or other similar degree.

More important than your specific degree concentration is a strong desire and willingness to work with a growing company in whatever role is needed.

The primary role will be to help in the evaluation of books, literature, and other media for inclusion into our quarterly educational discount catalogs. Evaluation is generally based on a combination of current market offers, which we negotiate with a handful of select publishers, as well as demand for the work in schools and non-profits across the country.

In addition to this role, you will be in charge of coming up with our quarterly audio book list winners, and selecting the top books for each of a number of different genres, ranging from children and teen fiction to classic literature.

A familiarity with technical literary analysis as well as a love to read are essential!

For more information about what we’re looking for and where to apply, contact Anna Peters in Richmond, VA