August Audiobook Sales Announced

Today I’m pleased to announce that we’ve decided on the August audiobook sales for our members here at We spent a lot of time working out which novels to offer, and ultimately decided on a combination pack for both educational and fun purposes!

Many thanks to, for providing us with a number of great books to choose from, and helping us make this incredible offer possible!

The August 2015 Summer Reading Winner: A Game of Thrones

game of thrones book coverFor the first category in this month’s sale winner, we decided to go for a light summer reading selection. The purpose of this category isn’t to prepare anyone for the school year quite yet, but to have an easy read that gets your students excited about picking up a good book instead of turning on the tv.

The immense popularity of the Game of Thrones series, which is the HBO series based on George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, and which currently consists of 5 books of an intended 7 part series, makes it a clear choice.

Although the novels deal with a number of adult themes, including incest, sexuality, war, sacrifice, and betrayal, the works are appropriate for high school aged readers, and a huge hit among people in their late teens and early 20s.

To complement this sale, we’ve secured a free download of any of the Song of Ice and Fire audiobooks.

You can click here to get a free audio book download of A Game of Thrones!

The August 2015 Back To School Winner: The Scarlet Letter

scarlet letter book coverThe second category we want to support this summer with out August winner is a back to school special.

This one is for all the high school teachers in particular, since the winner is one of the most widely ready books in high schools across the US.

The winner is: The Scarlet Letter.

We felt that this 19th century Nathaniel Hawthorne classic deserved to be recognized not only for its sheer number of students who pick it up every year, but also for its role in a number of other key educational metrics, from state standardized test materials, to college admissions essays.

We encourage you to enjoy this timeless masterpiece this summer as you prepare to get back into school mode!

Download The Scarlet Letter audiobook free and save with our special summer pick!

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