Boating Safety Talk at the Atlanta Library

boating safetyOn Saturday, October 3, The Atlanta Library will host the second annual boater safety chat.

While last year’s chat was a good introduction to boating safety and water safety of all types, whether you’re in a kayak on a lake or a 50ft sailboat on the open sea, this year’s discussion will take a little bit of a different form.

Instead of focusing on basic safety maneuvers and procedures that all boaters should follow, such as wearing a life jack and other USCG recommendations, the talk will take a look at how to know that the craft you’re in is safe.

The Importance of Safe Boat Building

This talk is especially relevant after the events earlier this summer, when an amateur boat-builder took his craft out onto the river before it was ready, and had to be rescued by authorites.

The workshop will go over how to evaluate the safety of any water craft, whether you’re just going out as a passenger for a day, purchasing a boat, or trying to figure out how to build your own boat.

The talk is being sponsored by, with the reminder that most boating accidents and problems on the water happen in calm conditions, when the incident is least expected.

That means it’s extremely important to keep your wits about you and pay attention whenever you take a craft of any size out, whether its a day trip on a dinghy or a weekend sailing cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here at Yearst&Young, we believe that the key to good education comes from a diverse education, and in particular when that involves important safety concerns. The fact is that many people who go out on one of the many lakes near Atlanta, or those who venture further to the coast for recreational boating, don’t realize just how many different safety measures come into play, from the security and stability (including the maintenance of) the boat you’re on, to procedures and best practices in the event of bad weather, crowded waterways and right of way issues, or even basic life jacket safety.

We hope to see you at this event!

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