Top Resources for Learning to Code

self-taught-programmers-skillsOne of the trends we’ve seen in high school education over the last few years has been the increase in the number of students that take coding and computer science related electives.

This doesn’t come as a particular surprise, since the rise in demand of programming jobs (and the highly skilled, high paid nature of these jobs) will naturally begin to attract more people to them over time.

The interesting aspect, however, is that this surge in interest comes largely from students themselves, and many high schools or even entire districts across the country are entirely unprepared to handle this request.

The teachers that teach programming courses haven’t been properly trained and often times know only the basic elements of the programming language they’re instructing.

That leaves it to the students to find newer and better ways to learn, both inside and outside the classroom. You can find sample curriculum through

So, here are a few resources for students preparing to learn programming.

Code School

CodeSchool is one of the biggest and most respected online programming schools around.

They got their start from the “Rails for Zombies” course developed by their founding team, which taught the fundamentals of Ruby on Rails, a relatively new and increasingly popular language for first-time coders, in a fun and easily digestible way.

They have since expanded and offer a number of courses across a wide variety of programming languages, including both front and and back languages, from html, css, and jquery, to ruby on rails, python, and iOs courses.

You can find more in depth Code School reviews at


Another popular program is Thinkful. This course offers students a hands on, one on one level instruction with professional programmers, while they complete a pre-specified curriculum at their own pace.

This structure makes it easy for self-taught students to breeze through knowledge areas they’re comfortable with, and focus on specific problems and hangups that they might have.

An innovative course structure, though the high price tag may make it out of reach for many high school students.

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